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The shop that always gives you what you need
and can bring you what you want.   EXODUSkateboards!

Welcome to EXODUSkateboards' official website NEW AND IMPROVED!

Miguel's Spring Break
Game of S.K.A.T.E.  Winner:
Santiago Ochoa

Right Next to Double Dave's Pizza and Right In Front of the Skatepark!

Welcome to Exoduskateboards!!!!!!!!

This webpage is dedicated to informing you, the comsumer, of some of the things that the store is doing.


Exoduskateboards is unlike most skate shops that you could think of.  Not only is this store here to provide the local skateboarders of Laredo with quality equipment, but to provide them with quality service and assistance as well. 

Exodus is a skate shop with big dreams and great ideas.  We are working on several projects to hopefully come sometime in the near future.  Everyone of the employees, including the manager himself, knows his stuff when it comes to skateboarding.  There is a great deal of importance placed on the fact that if a skater comes in with a problem or a question that we should be able to help and provide the answers they are looking for. 

Exodus is also looking to reach out to beginning skateboarders and is looking to help in anyway possible.  We have a selection of mini skateboards just perfect for young skateboarders and we also carry helmets and pads to make the learning experience more enjoyable for both the skateboarder and his or her parents.

This site contains information on our products, however they can not be bought through our website (but an email to the manager to order a particular item is more than welcome), including which brands we have and which brands we are looking to order.  This site also contains information about special events or upcoming projects that Exodus is looking into.  Exoduskateboards also provides a section letting you know what our purpose is and a little more about us as a skate shop.

Enjoy the site and SKATE on!


ONLY $39.99!



If you need any extra information regarding Exoduskateboards,

You can e-mail us at:

EXODUSkateboards  *  5702 McPherson Suite 12 *  Laredo, Tx  *  US  *  78041  *  956-796-9898