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After the move is final, expect to see us giving lessons at the skatepark every saturday morning!

Skate Lessons!


EXODUS will still continue to offer our Saturday Skate Lessons inside our shop using the mini ramp and also at the park using the ramps there.  Other than the obvious objective of teaching the rights and wrongs of skateboarding, Exodus would really like to make a connection with Laredo's skateboarding youth.  This project will allow the parents to become more familiar with the store and even many aspects of skateboarding, and also for the aspiring skateboarder to learn skateboarding in a much faster and especially SAFER  way.  We will have experienced local skateboarders teaching the classes who have learned firsthand and can help to progress the learning process.  The store manager himself will also supervise to add his own knowledge and to provide comfort to the parents afraid of leaving their child unattended.  The goal of this is to create a more strengthened community of skateboarders.

Lesson Hours
Saturday Mornings
9:00 am to 10:00 am
For more information and if you are interested in the lessons, please contact Exoduskateboards (the number is below) and sign up before the slots run out!

EXODUSkateboards  *  5702 McPherson Suite 12 *  Laredo, Tx  *  US  *  78041  *  956-796-9898