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EXODUSkateboards has been extremely active lately.  For spring break week, we have been throwing several contests and giving away free stuff left and right.  We even got together and built a grind box/manual pad for our customers to skate in the back of the shop.  All in all we have been up to our necks in activities and projects.

Johnny Luna signs with KROWN skateboards!
Congratulations Johnny!

Stay tuned for news on upcoming events and other cool stuff heading your way.
Remember that we are the only real shop in Laredo.
The other guys...are just stores.


GSA made another trip to Laredo and skated it up with the local skating community.  They have a great time and so did we.


Well, this past saturday, January the 14th, EXODUS was somewhat surprised with a visit from some of our friends from Goodtimes Skateboards.  A few guys fromt the team up there came down to hang out at the shop and to check out Laredo's booming skateboarding community.  They were awed by how many skaters there are in Laredo and surprised at the fact that so many of them were at the shop.  The guys chilled at the shop and then were ready for some spots.  It was only right that we show them around and take them to some of Laredo's more famous spots.  The GSA guys hit up the park, clark middle, and then the Juice Stop Gap. 
"So what did they land?"
        Well.  You have to take into consideration that the guys had never skated the spots we took them too and it took some time to get used to things.  They didnt even bother with the five set, but instead kept their sights on that beautiful nine set that clark has to offer.  They started off slow with a kickflip first try (Paco) and a switch ollie and ollie north first try (Eddie) just to keep things simple.  Then, as the crowd grew and skaters flowed into clark middle, Eddie Middleton decided that he would step things up a bit.  A few minutes later he busts out a beautiful switch heel over the nine with a very clean ride away.  But he wasnt done!  Another few minutes later and he busted out a seemingly perfect double flip over the nine!  The skaters from Laredo were amazed at how good these guys were.
"What about the Juice Stop Gap"
       Well the sun was going down fast so we had to leave clark and head over to the infamous Juice Stop Gap.  Now, we didnt know this at the time but apparently these guys aren't too fond of big gaps.  That didnt seem to stop Eddie from busting an ollie north over it though.
       The sun was going down and it was time to head back to the shop for some hot dogs and hamburgers courtesy of EXODUSkateboards and also to hit up the rails we had set up in the back of the shop.  The back was full of skateboarders all skating back and forth and enjoying the warm winter day.  When the guys from GSA showed up they almost got tackled by Laredo skaters eager to give them their props for their tricks over the nine. 
       They spent a couple more hours with us there at the shop skating and even putting on a little demo for the guys in back of the shop who were waiting for some food.
* This goes out to the guys from Goodtimes.
EXODUSkateboards thanks you for coming down to Laredo to skate and chill with us.  We appreciate your time greatly and hope that you will come down again in the future so we can take you to some more great spots.  Whenever you feel like getting away from San Antonio for a day, just give us a call.

Gilber 5-0 180 out box

Eddie backside flip hip

Paco kickflip 5-0 box

Gilber nosegrind shuv out

Paco tre flip over grey

Eddie with a huge heelflip


Alright, this part of the page is dedicated to informing you of some of the new stuff that seems to be going on in the skating world.
*** Cairo Foster and Chad Tim Tim leave popwar.  Foster joins Enjoi, Tim TIm with ELEMENT!
*** Rumor has it that Darrell Stanton is leaving Plan B and joining Element!
*** As Pig Skateboards falls apart RagDoll joins Birdhouse.
*** Ronson Lambert is now on Silver Trucks.
*** Louie Barletta joins KRUX.
*** Diego Bucchieri joins Fury Trucks.

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